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Paper Airplanes by Kevin Saunders 

My love for flight began at an early age.  I was born on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Alabama, home of the USAF Air Education and Training Command.  We then moved to Okinawa for a few years where my father would take me to watch aircraft landing/taking off.  Then we returned to the United States where we went to many memorable Blue Angels/Thunderbirds air shows.  Needless to say, by this point, I was hooked on flight.

My first great paper airplane flight was in third grade, I folded a plane similar to the Flyer and with a gust of wind it flew for what seemed 30 seconds.  Since that day, I've spent hundreds of hours folding paper in every possible way attempting to replicate more great flights.  However, I didn't just want to fold and fly paper airplanes, I really wanted to design a plane that no one had ever seen before that flew great.  That day came when I folded my first Spirit.  It looked so cool and flew so well that I knew it would rock the paper airplane world someday.  All it needed was a name.  For a variety of reasons, I named it Spirit.  In August of 2011, Spirit was featured in "High fliers: 5 great paper airplane designs" by Mike Smith of Yahoo Games.

So, at xplanes4u I will teach you all of my tips and tricks to fold the XO, Flyer, Spirit and Xplorer.  The first two are simple and last two are difficult.  Take your time, do not give up, be careful, recycle and please share with your friends and family.  Just one additional favor, ask your science teacher if he/she can fold a Spirit.

Good luck, thanks for visiting.