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Paper Airplanes by Kevin Saunders 

My love for flight began at an early age.  I was born on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Alabama, home of the USAF Air Education and Training Command.  We then moved to Okinawa for a few years where my father would take me to watch jet fighters landing/taking off.   Then we returned to the states where I remember going to many memorable Blue Angels/Thunderbirds air shows.  Needless to say, by this point, I was hooked on jet fighters.

In the third grade, I checked out "The Great International Paper Airplane Competition" book from my school library and proceeded to fold/test each paper airplane design on the playground.  It was then that I folded a plane similar to the Flyer and it flew for what seemed like 30 seconds.  Since that day, I've spent hundreds of hours folding paper in every way possible attempting to replicate that great flight.  Ironically, in one day I had three brainstorms that resulted in the Spirit you see today.  It starts with a square piece of paper and requires the folding skills of a ninja.  The Spirit was top secret for years.  I would literally shred it after testing so it could not be re-engineered.

For the longest time, I just wanted to share my Spirit design on Ken Blackburn's (previous record holder) website to establish credit for the design but when my instructions were ready to share, Blackburn's site was down for reconstruction.  I'd spent too much time to give up.  So, I decided to create x-planes-4u to share my Spirit, the high performance Flyer, a perfected o-wing XO and eventually my outside-the-box Xplorer.  

As you might guess, after folding hundreds of paper airplanes, I became bored with plain white airplanes and started placing images and graphics everywhere possible. Very quickly I realized large graphics/images were eating up ink cartridges (mostly yours) so this is why I keep the images small.   

We all love to watch things fly.  Even better is making something fly.  Better than that is folding and flying a paper airplane with your favorite logo on it!  But what I love is to give a fantastic paper airplane to someone special.  Hopefully, one of my paper airplane templates will give you this opportunity. 

My goal at xplanes4u is to empower you with the flying skills of a paper airplane guru.  Whether you're trying to entertain, inspire or motivate, paper airplanes are literally the gateway drug to science and engineering careers. 

To reach guru level, I will share my tips, tricks and techniques.  No wasted time here, these designs fly as good as they look.  When you need to impress friends, family or your favorite science teacher, xplanes4u is the website for you. 

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Thank you, Kevin Saunders