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Spirit orbits earth

Paper Airplanes

 by Kevin Saunders 

Are you ready to learn some of the best paper airplane designs in the world?  I know you are! 

I fell in love with origami as a child in Okinawa Japan when my father was stationed at Kadena AFB.  It was from that early age, I started folding every piece of paper I could get my hands on.  In third grade, my friends and I found the "The Great International Paper Airplane Book" by Jerry Mander, George Dippel, Howard Gossage at the library and proceeded to fold each design and test them on the playground.  One of my friends folded a plane that flew for what seemed to be thirty seconds and we were all hooked.  This book inspired at least me to try designing my own.  My Spirit design is directly inspired and descended from the design on the top of the front cover.        

In any case, before you get started here's some cold hard truth, right or wrong, good or bad, like it or not - people judge your intelligence by the paper airplane you can fold.  So take your time and look smart! ; )

Once you master each design you can print out our free paper airplane templates to keep the fun going 24/7 365.

Good flying!